ron beck designs

so i've decide to pursue my design ideas further, out of the tank if you will. after about a year and a half of designing aquatic interiors i think nows a good time to create "things" for the person and their spaces.

the stuff? unique gift ideas, floral designs, hand crafted and plenty of eye candy! and beyond that, some collectibles that i stumble on. web link here ronbeckdesigns

so in the weeks and months to come i will be posting these new design / gift ideas as they develop. many of the items will be available for purchase via my ebay; additional links and details to follow. comments are always welcome.

as for the aquarium designs:

Texan spiders spin 'monster web'

An enormous spider web has been found at Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas, US. click on image to enlarge.

It is not the work of one giant spider - rather, millions of small ones have been spinning away and now it is twice the size of a football field.

Park rangers are not sure why the spiders have joined forces - they describe it as a rare occurrence.

Texas A&M University entomologist Professor John Jackman told Associated Press that there were reports of similar webs every couple of years.

The web covers a 180m (650ft) stretch of trees and shrubs in the park.

Although it was initially described as "fairy-tale" white, it has turned brown from all the mosquitoes caught in its trap.

Experts say the web is either the work of social cobweb spiders that work together, or it has been created by spiders spreading out from a central point.

The park superintendent, Donna Garde, has invited arachnid and insect specialists to the park to study it first-hand.

Rangers said they expected the web to last until the autumn, when the spiders will start dying off.

Story from BBC NEWS:

george miller, maybe JLA?


according to entertainment news...

According to a very trusted source, I’ve been informed that George Miller (“Happy Feet,” “Mad Max,” “Babe”) is considering directing the Warner Bros. live-action movie “Justice League of America.

And while this is just a rumor, it comes from the same source that told me Marc Forster was the front runner to direct the new James Bond movie, and I’d posted that info about a month before it became official.

Of course things can change as he might pass on the film, but as of now he’s the one WB is going after and all he has to do is say yes.

And for those on the side lines and didn’t know WB was actively pursuing making a “Justice League” movie… they are.

The next thing I’ve heard is which Superheroes might be in the running for the first big budget team-up movie. They would be Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.

I’ve also heard from sources that the “Justice League” film is more of a priority for WB than the sequel to “Superman,” so don’t be surprised if you see Brandon Routh in “Justice League” first.

And here’s a last bit of news… the biggest rumor that I’d heard (from another source) is that one of the superheroes in "Justice League" wouldn’t see a sequel. Yup, WB is planning a death. And while I can go further… I’ll stop there and let you wonder who won’t make it.

And before you go… let me be clear. Everything regarding any “Justice League” movie can obviously change. It’s so early in development that a new script could dramatically alter how they make the movie. But as of right now, the info I just wrote is as accurate as it can be. Obviously as I find out new info I’ll pass it on….