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there, there my anxious readers.... the complete interview with dear, sweet sally secret is coming. please, don't loose hope...if i said i would, you know i will!

the u.k.'s terry jones

terry jones on george bus...

Those of us who support Armageddon have naturally been greatly cheered by way the US president has embraced our cause.

Those of us who have long been supporters of Armageddon have naturally been greatly cheered by way the president of the United States has been embracing our cause. Our desire to bring chaos, death and destruction to a greater swathe of humanity has, in the past, often been frustrated by peacemakers and do-gooders of all shades of the political spectrum.

For too long, our aspirations have been derided and criticised. In fact, to be blunt, for more than two millennia we have had to put up with opprobrium and vilification, but now all that will be a thing of the past, for in George Bush we have found an ally - indeed, we have found a leader. A man who is prepared to place himself at the head of the forces of destruction and misery, and who is unafraid of the opinion of the rest of the world.

George Bush has finally put Armageddon firmly on the political agenda, and it is likely to stay there for the foreseeable future.

This means that we Armageddonists need keep to the shadows no longer. Bush and his colleagues in the White House have given us credibility and respectability. They have made our goal their goal, and death, disease, war and famine are now the most likely fate for more people in the Middle East than we Armageddonists had ever dared to hope for.

What is also particularly gratifying - after this long wait - is that George could not have chosen a better spot on Earth for the "End of Things" to begin, nor a more appropriate agent than Israel to get the ball rolling.

After all "Armageddon" is a Hebrew word. It has come to signify "the end of times" or the arrival of catastrophic events, involving huge loss of life. In its origins, however, Har-Mageddon meant simply "the mountain of Megiddo" - Megiddo being a site in Israel close to the border with Lebanon.

It is certainly a place that has seen a lot of catastrophe in its time. Although there has not been a city at Megiddo for over 2,000 years, there are, nevertheless the remains of more than 20 different cities on the site, dating from 3,000 BC. That's an awful lot of human death and destruction.

So it's the perfect place for George to unleash the horsemen of the Apocalypse, and, as Armageddonists, we applaud him. The current assault on Lebanese civilians is sure to swell the ranks of would-be terrorists beyond even our wildest dreams, spreading the violence and mayhem not only throughout the Middle East but into the homelands of America and Britain.

As for the country of Lebanon itself, we Armageddonists predict that, like Iraq, it will sink into a morass of sectarian violence that will fill morgues of the future that have not yet been built. But more than that, we Armegeddonists confidently look forward to chaos and havoc quickly getting out of hand and beyond the control of those who started the conflict. It's all part of the fun.

So Armageddonists of the world! Let us unite in praise of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Let us thank these men for bringing our dreams of violence and disorder to fruition.

Let us hope that whatever half-baked notions fill what passes for their minds, they will continue on this irreversible path to perdition from which the whole world recoils, but seems powerless to stop.

music 08-22-06

At gun point, I would have to confess..."alfie" and "everything must change" are probably the two best written songs of all time. Through all my years of listening to music, these two songs to this day still get me every time I listen to them. Last year for shits and giggles I sought out as many tracks as I could find of artists who covered "alfie"; I think the final count was something like 19 different performers.

tonight, I also happened to stumble on a cover of "everything must change" recorded live by jazz great randy crawford. Not long after the first listen, I just sat here and played it over and over for some 40 minutes. Like Ella, Randy makes the song her own. Her rendition speaks for itself, experience it. Shazam, I hunting tracks from others as I write.... A few good mentions so far: oleta adams, james ingram).

on tonight's musical journey I also heard a new track from annie lennox "hush, hush, hush" who appears as a guest vocalist on a herbie hancock cd. Yes, another cover but as only she could craft. I'm still counting the nights without a new full length lennox project to drift away with...

till next time...

an "outside" view

one thing i have come to enjoy about "blogging" is the interaction and information we all get to share with one another. it's especially great, meeting new people and discovering their blog. the means and ways of "gay life" outside the United States is always something that has intrigued me; it gives me renewed hope and a different perspective on many levels. such is the case with Syzmon's blog from Poland. his blog is well rounded and full of interesting thoughts, idea's and photographs. many of the images are in-fact, photographed by Szymon himself! he is also, to his credit, one of the first openly gay residents of Poland! You can visit his blog here

The Dark Knight


Batman is heading into a sequel, titled "The Dark Knight," and he will face off agai
nst the Joker, this time played by Heath Ledger.

Snow Leopard is US-bound

The US State Department has announced the impending arrival of an unusual guest from Pakistan - an orphaned snow leopard cub.

Thirteen-month-old Leo is due in New York on Wednesday after surviving both the loss of his parents and the Pakistani earthquake.

He was found in the snow-hit north of the country last year by a shepherd who hand-fed him to keep him alive.

The snow leopard is one of the world's most endangered big cat species.

'Shepherd's compassion'

Leo - one of only a few thousand snow leopards left in the wild - was found by the shepherd in the mountains of north Pakistan in July 2005.

best in show, so far

after 50 some of hours of designing, fueled by a relentless need to create, i'm pleased to say that the largest feature presentation of designs thus far are complete. there are at least 40 new items which are now available for purchase via ebay. to purchase or view any of them, simply click on the ebay logo to the right.

The Witch's One on One With Sally Secret

Good evening everyone. I’m Sally Secret and have I got something to tell you! Welcome to our exclusive interview, one on one, with the wicked witch of the west. We were gonna broadcast this live but things got changed. The recording is live, you just can't see us. I look good, don't worry. As some of you already know, Ms. Witch was recently "knocked off her broom" quite suddenly. No need to worry viewers, she's is ok.

When I sat down and started to put together this interview, I must say I wasn't too sure what to expect from a green faced witch. I remember her from my childhood and that annoying cackle of hers. I think I was nine when my fist migraine hit me. Oh, and those flying monkeys...where in gods name did they come from? Never mind, that’s only one of six things Sally doesn’t want to know. Because of our younger listening audience tonight, I’ll refrain from telling you the other five. Ah, hold on just a second, it's been a busy week and my throat is aching....Christina! (She’s my new assistant and a distant relative of you know who) how bout that stoli! "Ms Secret, we are recording!" a quick turn to the left "thank you. ooops, I just can't stop saying what's on my mind... oh and before I forget, I want to say hello girls to Mandy Magnolia & Danesha Daffodil, this cute lesbian couple I meet while at the red light at 48th and 9th. They were washing their over-alls at the coin op, that new place... fluff & fold. Nice girls, very polite. They never asked for change? Anyway...slurp, that was refreshing.

After spending over 3 hours with her, I certainly learned a great deal about her “night job” at the movie place and all its inner mechanics, both public and private. Talk about entertainment! By the end of the interview, you to will also learn as did I, that she is truly a victim of several double standards. Hey, she's no post-it note, let me tell you. Well listeners, here is her true story. And no this isn’t the version you already heard. This one is sure to light a few dark hallways. Like the one in the loft with, oh won't dare bother with that right now...Max, you were fabulous! Good luck on your algebra test!

Editor’s note: some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

SS: Welcome to my show, Ms. Witch

Ww: Right. Thank you for your interest in my personal story.

SS: So, word on the street is you got the axe…

Ww: Every block of oak someday meets their axe dear. Blades dull over time and oaks survive. Talk to Treebeard, he’ll tell you.

SS: Ah, ok, I’ll talk to the trees the next time the cab drops me off at the forest. Anyway, I’m quite surprised at you’re a “manor of speaking” if you will. Being the Wicked Witch, my first thought was your vocabulary would be limited and a little gritty, if you know what I mean.

Ww: Just because someone calls you “wicked” doesn’t mean you’re uneducated. You know the old saying; don’t judge a book by its cover? I was but a young girl at the time that was quoted. It’s easy to judge others, especially when you don’t want to see your true self in the mirror. All you need do is cast all that hatred and guilt at someone else so that you can feel free of it.

SS: Ooh I love looking at myself in the mirror; I have one in every room of my apartment. And tossing a little spicy sauce here and there is always fun... I just love the after stains!

Ww: If you say so, Sally. If I may, I’d like to stand for a moment and show you something.

SS: Sure thing honey, unless it’s a secret birth defect. I’ve got a weak stomach to begin with.

Ww: There there dear, no need to worry of such things. Pay close attention…

SS: Good Christ! You’re pulling off your green skin? Sweet Loraine, you’re the Good Witch of the North!

GW: Yes I am dear. My heavens…look at the silk and lace, all wrinkled from this dreadful witch’s costume. All things come clean, in time. I wore this because I’ve been labeled as such. It’s time to step forward and show them who I really am. I must say that all the anger and disgust that has been running through my veins recently, has made me uneasy. I take great pride in being a good person, but the only way to have some closure to this matter is to become, temporarily, a wicked witch. This is why I have asked for this interview. I can do and say what needs to be, then walking away from it. I think now would be a good time to get comfortable and have a cup of tea. I have much to tell you. I’ve harbored many things for almost two years; a load I needn’t carry any longer.

SS: Christina! Two tea’s, one no spike. OK let’s break for a commercial and come back wand’s loaded!

To be continued…

by your command

the wait will soon be over...

19 september,

"V" for the gift of sight

i rented this and took it to a friends house to watch. the film ended, i drove home and watched it again, immediately...i'm amazed that some slanted political group didn't try to stop this film from being released. and no barks from the christian colition? you'll see why.

in its opening monologue, we are told....remember remember the 5th of november. beyond that i will remember yesterday, it was the day that i experienced "V". anytime a well written film starts to ask all right questions and push all the buttons, i sink deep into it. V gave me something personal; affirmation on my own personal feelings about our world and how we exist within it. it also paints a picture, one i've seen in my mind far too many times, that wont ever hang in any art gallery. we are on this path of decay and destruction. what is to come could well be what you will see in this film. for those of us who still allow ourselves to think and to feel, V will show you what happens when you give in and give up. the film does not point the finger at anyone person or event, it presents itself as somewhat of a revolving square. the viewer gets an opportunity to see all the sides and thus you are able to draw your own conclusions as to who is responsible. who is right? who is wrong? if only it were that cut and dry. if you are someone who has ideas of "the end" but choose not to think about it because of the fear it brings, star far away from this film. if you are someone who wished more people would come together and demanded change, you will make a new friend, his name is V.

GCN Headline News 08-01-2006

This is a live, updated report.
And now our very own, Donna Gonna Tellem...

Good evening everyone, i'm donna gonna tellem and this breaking news just in. Just minutes after the stroke of midnight, the one on one interview with the wicked witch of the west is over. sally secret spent almost two hours conducting the live interview for the gotham city news and she's ready to talk. according to sally, the original interview was to be broadcast live, in its entirety. because the one on one went into overtime and a personal request not to air the interview by the witch was made, the editorial staff at GCT is transcribing the entire interview as we speak. seems the wicked witch was overcome by fatigue because of the heat from all the broadcast lights. inside sources say that she remained focused and was very precise in detail with her responses.

i called sally secret just before we went on the air to find out at least one detail or remark from the interview. she had this to say...

donna, all i will say at this point is....when you know that what you are doing is wrong and you don't want to be caught or questioned for doing it, you can do one of two things. focus all your rotten energy, make the world aware of the horrible person that lives deep inside you, and hunt down the person you want to silence. the second option, which works best for a lady who wants to be an avon representative someday, is face you own mistakes and take ownership of them. my advice to one of the persons mentioned in the interview-take the horn back while there's still time. you may need the extra cash. oh and donna, let your viewers know the entire q&a will be published and public within a few days.

well viewers there you have it. as soon as we get more details on the wicked witches q&a with sally secret, GCN will be there live. that you can count on. i'm donna gonna tellem and this has been a live breaking news update, here at gotham city news. good night...