02152006 film

since i love film and work at the big b, i get to see a a-lot of films every week; i average about 4. and to broaden my selection, i'm also a netflicks subscriber. so i thought it might be interesting to share my thoughts and opinions on many of the films i experience on a bi-weekly basis. be for warned, i sometimes spend time, day dreaming, and forget to do all the things i ment to. some of the reviews will be short and some far too long. i like films that make me feel something; happy or sad. i don't like "everything" served up and figured out, i prefer to think about things. i appreciate any director that pushes "the buttons" or the limits. if it's laced with excessive, un-necessary reminders that it's a "straight world", i will always pass. subtitles are iffy and dubbed are generally a third choice. the more believable the character the better. o.k. there's a little of what's in-store and i always welcome comment's.

the rating scale: eyes closed=a real sleeper a wink=cute a high brow=good over-all bug eyed=better best

naked-mike nichols (dir.)
here's a director i love...all his films always have these individual's (secrets and lies-all or nothing) that are really complicated-complex and so believable.; naked is no exception. so this young guy, who's life is going nowhere, does a terrible thing to a woman then spends his days running from his emotion's. he ends up at the apartment of an x (she's the serious one) and is introduced to her room-mate. from here on in it's an "in your face" look into the day to day life and living of this threesome.

all their accents are very pronounced (britt) and at times, difficult to understand. there are a few scene's where one character will have this insane, extended set of lines. the delivery punch packs a wallop but you'll want to replay it a few times to take in all the words spoken and their structure. the x's room-mate is probably my favorite but the scene where the lead male (pictured) meets this street walker nut case. what an amazing performance; he's got this neck twitch thing that's really bizarre. the film takes you on a few rough rides (visual) along with all the dark troubles that face many of us. bug eyed!

more titles to come in the next few days...