still time left to vote

i really enjoy this blog of mine. it allows me to express myself and share points of interest with just about anyone who might be interested in a moment of being ron b.. yes, it takes a great deal of time and patience but i never look at it as "work". it's a labor of love. seems others agree...the guys at best gay blogs have nominated me for "best gay blog 2005". i never imagined this kind of recognition and i'm so grateful for the consideration. if you would like to cast your vote, for my blog, click here. i'm under choice #3 (what is best gay blog). for those of you who aren't part of "our family" fear not, you wont have to face anything too "un-natural" by going to the link. i would appreciate your continued support and consideration. i would also like to mention one other blog that i enjoy visiting very much- large tony. his blog is well designed, thought provoking and best of all, well written. find his blog nomination under choice #1 for "best reviewed blog 2005". vote deadline 12/31/2005!