GCN Headline News 7-22-2006

this is a live special report...and now from the communication center of the Gotham City News,
our very own
Donna Tellem...

good evening, i'm donna gonna tellem and welcome to this live, special report. details are still sketchy but 3 gotham city residents have reportedly seen something unusual flying in the skies. it has been confirmed by commisioner gordon, that it's not batman. sources say it's a female, approximate age 60 to 150, with dark mellon green skin. she has, as i said earlier, been sited on three different occasions souring over gotham city at record speeds on a straw broom. yes viewers, i said a straw broom. local authorities are asking all residents of gotham city to check their utility closest immediately and report any missing household brooms to the proper authorities.

viewers.....Hold on i'm getting something...we now have conformation that it is in fact the wicked witch of the west. what she is doing here in gotham city is still unknown. again folks, it has been confirmed by the gotham city s.w.a.t division, the wicked witch of the west has left oz and is now, as we speak, circling high a-top the gotham city times building. stay tuned for more live reports and details as they become available. this is donna gonna tellem, reporting live from the communication center, here in gotham city...