hair doo's and donts


so i says nadine, have you heard the latest? hey, turn that damn dryer on low! you'll end up looking like shake & bake before the days over. and before i forget, it's your turn to bring the potato salad tonight for bridge. anyway, i was on my home from the pharmacy yesterday and i ran into alfie. so i says, hey alfie what's it all about?

i stood there in all that heat and humidity for almost 5 minutes till she caught her breath. it's a good thing my appointment was today and not yesterday. that humidity makes my hair curl in 27 different directions! then i get home and fred won't even look at me. all he says is "where's my meatloaf?" anyway, alfie tells me she was over at the gotham times the other day and she over heard 2 type setters yacking up a storm in the ladies powder room. a good girl would go in, do her business then get the hell out. why, alfie stayed in her stall for almost 20 minutes wanting every last detail. can you imagine the smell by then! any, she says the wicked witch of the west has left oz, just like we heard on the television. i always trust donna gonna tellem... anyway and she is going to do a one on one interview with sally secret at the gotham times! can you imagine? that will be the first time sally will look good on tv! did i say that?

anyway, according to what alfie heard the witch got the rug pulled right out from under at work from her store manager and store assistant manager! charlies angels minus one, i don't think so. seems the witch was made an example of and then they delivered the punch just this past thursday. can you imagine, riding a broom all that way to find out 48 minutes later you were gonna be slapped, fried and rolled out! alfie said that the women in stall 3.... you remember that one dont you vonda...or should i say fonda, fonda boys on a count of you sneaking that darling gas attendant billy joe bob into the ladys should be ashamed! i must say he's better looking than my fred. so i was sayin', the lady in stall 3 said that it's all an issue of double standards. seems the witch was "guilty" of many of the same that the very ones that brought her down had done them selves. can you imagine? nadine, you know what that means when i'm holding up my hands and make those dancing peace fingers? nixon, what are nuts! did you take your logic pill today? i guess not... those are quotes. alfie also said that the witches boss and the boss's assistant have broken more procedures than g.i. joe when he was forced to take that weekend road trip with ken in the barbie bus. i'll never forgive her for that, she's in the attic for good.

look at the time would cha! vonda, are you listening cause i'm only gonna repeat this once more on a cout off your dry timer got stuck on turbo doo...pull that damn plug right now and pay attention. the wicked witch plans on spilling all the beans to sally secret at the times, one on one. if its a fight there lookin for, the witch plans on setting the broom, oops i mean the room on fire! she has documents, statements and a journal that she kept. she also plans on making all the information and documents public via her personal blog and her myspace blog. she's becoming quite modern. vonda, nadine...just cause she's old doesn't mean she can't climb the steps all the way to the top of corporate america. i wonder if she knows about escalator's.....