a new, wonderful discovery


as most of you already know, i recently was placed into a situation that forced me to seek out new employment. it took a few weeks but i landed a position at one of our local craft stores; no brainier, right? with just a few days under my belt, i met a woman named marilyn whom i took a liking to almost instantly. sometimes you know when you meet someone, there's something about it that just seemed like the right thing to happen.

with marilyn, it soon became obvious as to why. turns out, she's a remarkable jewelry maker, specializing in renaissance styled bracelets and such. as time passed i was privileged to see just a few of the many unique designs she's created. one item in particular was a ring/bracelet combination (her own design/creation) which blew me away. as a fellow artist i couldn't help but appreciate and admire the quality of her work and the attention to detail. she said she had spent many weekends, traveling to different craft shows and renaissance fairs showing and selling her designs.

without the slightest hesitation, i asked if i could help in any way, promoting her designs by offering my time and space through my ebay listings. it only took a few seconds for both of us to get excited about the possibilities! although we still have a few details to work out, i'm happy to say that within a week or two, the first group of designs from marilyn will be available on my ebay listings; stay tuned for further updates. i know that once you see them, you'll be as excited about them as i was...with the holiday season drawing near, finding a gift that is unique and original will soon be so easy!