64 things about me you might want to know

1. Be honest, it's not that hard.
2. Please don't ask about anything to do with George Bush.
3. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, pop secret homestyle.
4. Pieces are far too romantic for today's world.
5. It sucks that we are controlled so much of our time by someone else.
6. At my age I still have problems spelling, it's embarrassing.
7. I never attended college and barley graduated high school.
8. Common scense is my strong point and intellect comes second.
9. I recently learned a few things about automotive repair and I liked it.
10. The right to marriage should be available to all regardless of sexual orientation.
11. I wish my relationship with my sister was better.
12. I hope to live to see the day when cancer & aids are gone forever.
13. Gerry Anderson'’s "Thunderbirds Are Go" is a favorite.
14. My top 2 favorite bands-The Blue Nile & Everything But The Girl.
15. Advertising in general has become too sexual.
16. I would imagine life in the 50's to be better.
17. Chicken & Fish preferred. The red stuff is out.
18. Pot is illegal because it's bad for your health… so why is'nt fast food illegal?
19. My drink-Johnny Walker Black w/water.
20. Bottom, always.
21. Love deep, sexy house music.
22. I feel incomplete without a partner.
23. The BBC and not NBC.
24. Keith Haring's art has always interested me.
25. I have a cat named Graham.
26. My MS buddy is Joan Fornataro- AKA Mummsy.
27. I want to go back to Montreal once more.
28. Sometimes technology makes people become lazy.
29. Aren’t there enough cable channels already?
30. No one should die alone.
31. Intimacy or sex? Intimacy.
32. I sleep on the right side of the bed.
33. My favorite season is the fall.
34. Schools should spend more time talking about current affairs.
35. If more people were happy inside, the drug abuse problem would lessen.
36. There isn't always tomorrow..
37. A right turn on red is a cultural advantage living in NEPA.
38. If people choose to accept money for sexual favors, so what. Everybody’s happy.
39. I think Meryl Streep or Dianne Keaton would make a good leader for our country.
40. If only more men approached things from a compassionate perspective...
41. Corporate control has gotten too strong for our own good.
42. If your minutes hang like hours, you better refocus.
43. Why most straightmen can't dance boggles my mind.
44. The term "Metrosexual" is a cop-out.
45. I have tons of respect for Martha Stewart.
46. If we are as "wise" as we are told then why hasn't minimum wage gone up?
47. I think it would be cool to be a butler for an old english family.
48. Steam your vegetables.
49. There should be more diners.
50. $40,000 for an automobile? That's fucked up.
51. Disposable razors are bad for the environment.
52. My relationship with my father died years ago.
53. Game night with friends is good.
54. Read the ingredients.
55. A friend once said I buy all the right books.
56. Don't have children if you don't have the time for them.
57. We spend too much time working, just to get by.
58. Masturbation is healthy.
59. The x-files was one of the best television series ever done.
60. When rich folks "break the law" why are they given different treatment?
61. What's it all about, Alfie?
62. I fell in love with my best friend in Boston, then i lost him.
63. I'm amazed that I survived my childhood, it was a sad and dark time.
64. You should be able to borrow against your car insurance expense; do the math.

Chances are good I‚’ll have more to share‚…