the new GJLA

I'm happy to say that the time has finally come when being in your teens isn't so terrible after all; especially if you happen to be gay.

as i have said in previous articles, i think that it's great that young gays & lesbians are "out and about" more than ever before. when i think back to my teenage years, i can vividly recall all the secrets we kept to ourselves and the times spent together were always somewhere in the "dark". we didn't have any safe clubs to go to. there were little to no support groups to share our fears with and no one who would look upon us with respect. when i collect all that i can remember, it amazes me that we have survived all the hate and brutality that we had been wrongfully subject to. yes time does have away of healing some of the social scars we bare but it also empowers future generations to continue the fight for acceptance.

today's teens are the new hope on the horizon. they have stepped up to the plate in unusually high numbers and made their thoughts and feelings publicly unavoidable. the right wing and the religious groups wouldn't hesitate pointing the finger at one of us, we're adults and we care too much sometimes what the "others" are thinking. teens on the other hand are bold and brass and only their parents can point the finger. even so, the chances of them listening to their parents advise aren't always so good.

gay teens today have made a voice for themselves. they have stood up and demanded to be counted. they have formed strong alliances with one another as well as developed large numbers of support groups. their information network s are strong and their "other" supporters are very powerful people and organizations. they are the new GJLA (gay justice league of america) and their not about to stand down to anyone or anything.

recently time magazine ran a feature article on gay teens and their new powerful awareness revolution. in the segment you'll find some interesting facts and figures on gay teens as well as a few points of interest should you want to learn more about them and their agenda. one of the most interesting and informative sites that were mentioned was inqueery, a site devoted to gay & lesbian teens. founded by chad thompson, the organization addresses lgbt issues on high school and college campuses. the site offers a wealth of information for both teens and adults. i applaud chad's efforts and hope that you will share his site with others.