every now and then

first and foremost....
i'm no fan of the television. i choose to spend my time doing other things. there are a few times i get invited to a sporting event and i go. not because i think i'll enjoy myself but because a friend insisted that i need to experience this...same applies to tv shows. several members at the big b where i work have told me time and time again "ron, you have to see this show! go and rent all the dvd's right now!". after a few days more of pondering the idea, i gave in. i'm now four episodes into season 1 and i'm hooked. the pilot episode was all it took to kick start my hunger. i remember sitting very still as the credits rolled thinking how great it was to watch a show that's well written, well acted, interesting and educational to boot! i liked when doctor house posed the question that are doctors here to treat patients or are we here to treat the illness?

the show tagged doctor house's remarks-ideas as "house-isms". here are a few of them...

You know me. Hostility makes me shrink up like a... I can'’t think of a non-sexual metaphor.
- Spin

What makes a guy start drooling? Chase, were you wearing your short-shorts?
- Spin

Cameron Who was that?”
House “Angelina Jolie. I call her mom. Who thinks that'’s sexy?
- DaddyƂ’s Boy

no i passed on the idea of being a doctor but i still find the medical stuff interesting. i think in some respects that this ongoing facination of medical everything helped me during times of my recent hospital stays; my m.s. testing. many of the different test & procedures seemed almost familiar to me so naturally i wasn't completely on the edge when i went in for my spinal tap. when i saw the huge needle enter my back-into my spinal column, on the monitor above me...that's when the fear woke up.

anyway, watch this show house m.d.. just make sure you don't have a weak stomach; they do "visually" explain a few important things.