i think july 2005

i think...
this is the part where i spill all my marbles, regardless who might fall!

10 july, 2005
would i consider myself political? no, but i will say that half the voters knew which lever to pull. the other half are so proud of their ignorance.

10 july, 2005
people who stand at the checkout, on a cell phone, while their products are being rung-up should be slapped! how frickin' rude! someone is trying to assist you and you can't even give them the attention they deserve. if your not handicapped, don't park in their spots. if you're so god-damn special you should have been able to send a personal servant to pick your crap up! stores should be allowed somehow to ticket these pricks for breaking the law. we need to raise the cost of these fines; there loaded and they can afford it. the money should then go to help the handicapped. god knows the money isn't spent on parking lot repairs.f you take your children to the store with you, remember they are your responsibility. store clerks have enough to worry about. if your kids act like animals while they are along, drop them off at the local zoo first. when it comes time to leave, go to your children. don't stand 30 feet from them and shout "tabetha! i am leaving!" funny how some parents forget they are in a place of business. perhaps they think since their spending money they can do what ever they want...wrong answer! no matter where you go these days, there are plenty of trash containers for all of our waste. what amazes me is those idiots that shove small paper items in the ash tray area. clue...paper burns and turns to fire! i'll do my best to stop by your next garden party and bring all of my dollar general receipts! we'll turn it into a disco inferno! we spend too much time and money on "famous" people. movie stars and sports icons who get paid millions to take chances and remember all the lines are talented yes but not worth all they get. fire fighters save lives, at the same time risking their own lives and don't get half what the hollywood muscle men get. does it make senes that a stuntman might get 2 grand to jump from a burning building? sure it does, this way you don't have to take the risk. you could skip paying inflated ticket prices and jump from one your self if you're that damn curious about it. oh, i forgot. you might risk the chance of an injury. we wouldn't want that now, would we? ver notice that most of the adds we see everyday are filled with all the "beautiful people". big bulges, racked and ready to spread some sugar. what do big boobies have to do with a canary yellow hummer? if you're in a heterosexual relationship you might get your own personal hummer behind closed doors but buying one wont bring the pretty lady home to you. the average guys "mr wiggly" is not even close in size to what we see in the bvd's! remember its you and yours that you fluff and fold and not his. we should try putting alien creatures in all of our day to day adds. they might scare a few people but we would pay more attention to the products and not weather or not the alien is male or female.

25 july, 2005
the subject of "customer behavior" is one i think of and write about often. as far back as i can remember they have continued to show me just how rude and stupid a person can be without even trying. that's not to say that all customers have those characteristics because there are a few exceptions from time to time. unfortunately, the good ones are 1 in a hundred. at my work we have a selfserve ice cream case which is next to a small free-standing display rack. seems every couple of days, someone tries to squeeze through the small gap between the 2 units and avoid walking around in order to get into the checkout line. on the front of the ice cream cooler is a large magnetic sign that features all the flavors we carry. so yesterday this wildebeest of a woman thinks she'll make the right of passage; that in itself was funny to see! anyway, as she fought her way through, her elizabeth taylor maternity top caught the end corner of the magnetic sign. obviously, the sign fell to the ground. not three seconds later, a tall slender lady (hilton wanna-be!) followed in her footsteps. with her left heel firmly on the ground, she placed her right shoe quick as a whistle smack dab on the fallen sign! she thought nothing of it! she then pranced gleefully to the counter, rented her movies and pulled away in a white 4 door jag. screw charging members late fees, we should be charging dumb ass fees! another on going favorite is the grad student wanna be who calls and asks if we have a movie in stock for rental. i quickly type the title in the data base and respond "i'm sorry all 47 copies are rented out" a brief pause of silence then he says "are you sure?". the wish i could response..."ahhhhh no i am a little incompetent so hold for a moment and i'll ask the duck who's swimming around in the center of our indoor, employee only, swimming pool.