toys for boys

i have long been a fan of toys. in my younger days i had to have one of everything it seemed. i would spend countless hours, building brave new worlds where the good always conquered evil. now as an adult i have a greater appreciation for them. these days i spend my time collecting them, only to stand peacefully still on a variety of shelves throughout my flat.

a few days ago while on one of my web surf jonts, i stumbled on this, the new phase of action figures? i don't know too much about this particular one, but without a doubt the detailing is too remarkable. this could certainly change any ideas of fighting; kids may be prone to simply display them. is it teaching art appreciation at an early age? i'm not sure. kids are by nature, hands on. depending how their parents approach the situation could later effect the child in a variety of ways, some that may not be so beneficial. i guess time will tell but personally speaking it's great to see an action figure that looks this good!