Tim Roth aka Abomination

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Tim Roth Will Play 'Hulk' Bad Guy, Abomination

Posted May 9th 2007 2:34PM by Ryan Stewart

The major roles are now cast. Edward Norton is the gentleman-turned-giant Bruce Banner, lovely Liv Tyler will play his long-time love Betty Ross, and now Tim Roth has been cast as the The Incredible Hulk's nemesis, Abomination as well as his alter-ego Emil Blonsky. Variety notes that Roth's deal is still being negotiated, but it's apparently close enough to being sealed that they felt confident in declaring that this thing is a lock. Blonsky is a KGB agent who is exposed to the same gamma rays that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk, but things get screwy with his transformation and he's unable to revert back to human form. He is, however, still able to retain the mental faculties of a human, according to a handy bio of the character on Wikipedia. His other powers include being able to hop long distances like the Hulk, as well as having healing powers and -- I'm not making this up -- being able to hold his breath for a long time. I seriously hope that comes into play in the film, otherwise I'll feel cheated.
Variety also notes the apparent upswing in Roth's career as of late, since he's also going to be starring in Francis Ford Coppola's comeback pic, Youth Without Youth and is cast alongside Naomi Watts in Funny Games, from Warner Independent. Roth's IMDB page is littered with other solid and not-so-solid projects including Inglorious Bastards, Six Bullets from Now and The Death of Harry Tobin. The Incredible Hulk, from director Louis Leterrier and scripter Zak Penn, is scheduled to hit theaters on June 13, 2008. I still say they should have brought Jennifer Connelly back, but that's just me.