holiday august, 2005


3 august, 2005
well, sad to say the harrisburg weekend is now behind me. the peace and relaxation are over and life returns to its dead in the water existence here in nepa. i'll spare you the rest of this thought and move on to the "up side" of the weekend!

my drive from wilkes barre to hazelton was fine with the exception of the traffic jam at the base of the mountain. it was bumper to bumper for about half an hour. i think in the entire time being stuck, we only traveled a mile or so. since i had extra time to look around without the risk of crashing, i decided to study the expressions on other drivers. had i been a lip reader, i certainly would have come away from this disappointed. almost all of the drivers were on cell phones talking about something. i would imagine that the majority of them were complaining about the jam. i was able to pick out a few "puffed up veins" along with several left arms that were busy waving about as if it was some kind of protest. to be continued....