night life july 2005

night life...
2 july, 2005

my time spent in the clubs has mostly been as an employee rather than
a patron. i think it's been something like 15 years or so (my poor liver). started out watering, cocktail service, bartending and in the end i've been in the booth spinning and designing the visuals. what i've seen and heard aren't "wonders of the world" but many are certainly worth mentioning. surfaces darling, surfaces!

2 july, 2005
so, it's another morning after a night out. yet another packed crowd on friday night at twist. since the addition of the under 21 night in the club, young nepa teens now have a place to go where all are welcome, straight or gay. i think it's a great thing. when i was younger we didn't have anything like it. we would find places to hang (house party's-parking lots) always lurking in the shadows. having a club open its doors to the younger ones, this congregation of mixed life-styles, lends itself to a more positive attitude about their sexual orientation and improves there self-esteme. The kids love the loud music, the lights and resident dj debbie. they dance non-stop from 11 till 2; this is their church! under 21 night is a blessing in oh so many ways.

6 july, 2005
this past friday night party for the under 21 at twist was once again, shoulder to shoulder. the boys were hot and the muisc kicked ass! everyone was also treated to yet another FAB drag show! this new breed of queens got it all goin' on...gone are the prom gowns from the 50's and the 1" heels. these bitch's are up to the minute drag runway girls! their sporting the latest styles in hair, make-up and gowns along with today's hottest club remiss. If only their CD's were as flawless as they are!

last Wednesday, while most of us were thinking "just two more days till the weekend", a few guys i know had something else in flash!!! 2 loyals spend one hot night with a royal. yes kaj & dan dove into new jersey to see one of today's hottest soulful house diva's. shortly after their arrival, they were personally escorted to the upper vip table which included their own private server! within a few minutes, the boys got to have a one-on-one with her majesty ms. suzanne palmer! for those in the know, kaj has been friends with ms palmer for quite sometime, exchanging emails and lots of phone conversation. when ever possible, kaj will do whatever it takes just to see her perform. he's so driven, that boy! the crowd was wild, the drinks were fierce and the performance was exceptional as always. oh and the queen, ms lady palmer, looked FAB! remember what your mother told you must always bow before a queen!

24 july, 2005
so, it's another morning after a night out, well sorta...the story goes a little like this...three months ago two young dudes moved in dowstairs from me. names are ed and matt. my first encounter soon followed while i was trying to fix the drivers side window in my mercury lynx. seems it fell off the track and won't roll up! as i'm trying to think of a solution, the blond abercrombie should be, pops out onto the porch and shout's "dude, try shoving a board in the door". i was tounge tied if you can believe that! i was in such a spin i can't even remember what i said back. days later, turns out the boys had done a little redecorating of their own...ed opened his entrance door as i entered the building "hey buddy, hows' it goin"? i think my eye-brows were somewhere on my shoulder blades at that point..."hey" i say and then he proceeds to invite me in and show me the new titles he laid in the kitchen and bath. i then knew how sparticus felt as he stood on fake marble...the floors looked great, the choice of color & pattern was excelent! then he lead me down the hall ("goin to the chapel...") straight to his bedroom...this does sound naughty already! sad to say it was just more "moments in the light" for ed...i never saw a "straight boy" so excited about a new bed and a designer comforter. i tried not to scratch my head. we bullshited a little and then i went up to my space. so as the weeks past, i would run into one or both of them. it was a church moment! both of them are friendly and well manored, which surprised me at first. to be continued...


Anonymous said...

I too saw Miss Chris ... she is totally unbelievable .. sexiest woman I've seen in YEARS!