music august 2005

there isn't a day that goes by that i don't listen to something old or something new. still have one of those but cd's are the thing these days!

1 july, 2005

once again i'm on a "simply red" heavy rotation. nick's voice is amazing. his lyrics are honest and the music all this is set against is tight!

29 august, 2005
yesterday, i finally got to watch the new seal "live in paris" dvd. WOW! it was everything i hoped for and then some. i remembered the first time i saw the video for "crazy" and how much the visual aspect of it took hold. this was a performer who spoke of things most men would never, through his songs. of course i bought the cd instantly only to begin a journey that has lead me to this. i'm happy that his career has survived this long, amongst all the highs and lows of the music industry. he is a gentle giant and a true artist. the paris concert is a solid performance which showcases all of his abilities and his power to hold an audience in suspense, in just under 2 hours. i think it's safe to say that he could easily become this generation's donny hathaway.

a few other mentionables...i recently heard the new mix from ford of the theme song from willy wonka "pure imagination". brilliant trance rendition of one of my most treasured childhood memories. in my travels i also found a cover of the same song performed by maroon 5...Awesome! last weeks download drive was all about grace jones. found a few things i hadn't heard before along with a c&c mix of "love on top of love". i'm always happy to put some grace in my face! still find myself falling back on the "sandcastle" remix's featuring vocals from the lead of the beloved. anxious for the new simply red release as well as jason mraz's new full length. my buddy ed has forced me to listen to a few sublime tracks during our chess match's and i have to say i did like a lot of the lyrics. it's always best to keep an open mind otherwise it doesn't mature.