life-styles july 2005

1 july, 2
005spending time in the kitchen is FAB! the whole domestic thing is fun: grocery lists, hunting down the best coupons, getting upclose and personal with all the latest products and running into one of the girls at the market always makes the trip even better! if there's a secret sale, i will find out one way or another.

1 july 2005
don't underestimate the special powers that every good market has. so go ahead and ram your cart into that "special someone". all you need to do is say oops...they wont even question it because they know how congested the isles are and that everyone is late for something!

6 july, 2005
"limited time only"...don't you just hate that. on any shopping trip you are bound to run into one or items that are only available for a limited time only. at times i think many other products not marked, should carry that label. its been my experience from time to time, finding an item i just can't be without so i buy it every time i go. after a few months, the item if off the shelve and no one knows when it will be back. damn those company's! why tease us only to turn-turn-around and walk out the door. enough said but during today's shop i did discover yet another "limited time only" item that you must experience; that is if you like dill. i remember when i was younger my mom would bring home fresh dill from the market. the entire house would soon smell like dill. i couldn't wait to pace around taking in as much of it as possible. back to the present...pringles has just released their crunchy dill chip as part of the american roadtrip promotion. before i put anything in the trunk, i opened the can and took my first chip. WOW! talk about a zesty sting! several chips later the flavor did calm down abit but was still most enjoyable. i will be back for another can as long as they are still available.

i decided today to go down the "plastics isle", the one with all the storage containers, water bottles, plates, cups, chest of drawers, martini glasses, lunch box's, sandwich keepers....christ everything is plastic anymore! and what's with all this neon colored stuff? maybe it hides stains better? or maybe they know something we don't. anyway, i saw two new items that i never knew existed- a hot dog storage container which is shaped just like a package of weenies! also there were these long, slim tube things designed to keep your ritz crisp. soon everything in the fridge will look like a clone of its original. the only difference is one will be real and the other a plastic replica. had i bought the blueberry neon med. size square container (bland by comparison) to store my left-over chicken in; imagine what the meat would look like several days later if i looked through the container. green eggs and ham please.

25 july 2005
this past wednesday, dan and i made our way to the wal-mart super center. it certainly is the bargain capitol of wilkes-barre! once inside, we were smothered in the latest trends, surrounded by today's most popular summer colors...all of which are beautifully lighted by 2287 white fluorescent bulbs. as we got closer to the main isle that leads you straight to the entertainment section, i felt very anxious. this isle has always been a proven winner on my shop till you drop meter, and i couldn't wait to see today's presentations. i'm happy to announce the good old rubber maid has finally decided to back to it's roots and recreate a totally retro collections of household bins & tubs! the colors were right on...boring brown, lime sherbert, "it's a boy" blue and one other one neither one of us could decide on. i instantly started picking up examples of each item, admiring their craftmenship and becoming one with the mood of the colors. deep breath...i feel like sissy spacek for a second...back to shopping. about 12 candles, six dvd's and a quick peak at the plastics isle later we ended up in the food center area. this is the only place in town that has the new peanut butter oreo's in-stock all the time! for a summer cooler, try sticking them in the frig for a few minutes before serving. remember, don't ever take all of them to the table at once, you'll want to indulge yourself in private later. trust me, they will be back for more! we just turned a right into the pasta & rice isle... out of the corner of my right eye, i noticed a "new" box of rice i have never seen. picked it up and read the title. instantly, i yelled to dan "d, what the hell is dirty rice?" we then both took a closer look. it was white rice mixed with wild rice. we both laughed and agreed that it wasn't the least bit appetizing. reminded me of the bottom of the easter bunny's litter pan one hour before the annual egg hunt begins! we got to the frozen section and i remembered i have to get a new micro wave! christ more money to spend! check out was speedy and the temp outside had risen considerably.